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Argentum and AlphaROC Join Forces to Revolutionize Market Research in Senior Living

Alexandria, VA — Argentum, the premier trade association for senior living, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with AlphaROC, a leading data science company using advanced technology to reimagine market research with its platform, occam. Together, they are launching this platform to Argentum members, bringing unparalleled capabilities to the senior living industry.

Occam enables users to gain faster and easier insights into public opinion and preferences, providing valuable data for informed decision-making. Ask questions, and get data-driven answers within days, as well as continually over time.

Users regularly uncover actionable insights for various purposes, including strategy and planning, content personalization, anticipation of macrotrends, target audience identification, brand loyalty tracking, competitive analyses, investment decisions, and much more.

About AlphaROC

AlphaROC is an innovative company that sits at the intersection of AI and finance revolutionizing the market research industry by incorporating the latest advancements in Machine Learning, Data Science, and computational AI techniques.  AlphaROC was recently recognized as a finalist in the prestigious “AWS Generative AI Startup Incubator” for pushing the boundaries of AI-powered solutions.  AlphaROC, has developed a suite of AI-powered tools that harness the power of unique data sets and provide personalized insights that fundamentally transform the decision-making process. Leveraging these AI-enabled tools help decision-makers gain unparalleled insights in a frictionless, unbiased, and personalized manner.

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