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Karma Chronicles: Exploring the Reddit Universe

In the weeks leading up to its IPO, Reddit launched two new initiatives designed to enhance opportunities for businesses and advertisers. First, Reddit introduced a data analytics suite known as Reddit Pro, which helps businesses identify relevant trending topics to engage with. A week later, it launched Free-Form Ads. This new ad format not only allows businesses to create ads that blend seamlessly with other posts but also enables interaction with users by allowing comments on the ads. Shortly after its IPO, Reddit also introduced Dynamic Product Ads, which uses machine learning to display relevant products to users based on past shopping behaviors and demonstrated Reddit interests. Data from occam shows that users engage across a broad spectrum of content, ranging from entertainment and sports to science. This wide variety of subreddits provides advertisers unique opportunities for highly targeted advertising.  Selling access to its data has also emerged as a new and lucrative revenue stream for Reddit – those training large language models (LLMs) value Reddit data not only for its vast and diverse content, but because it can improve the models’ ability to mimic varied linguistic styles and complex human interactions.  Join us as we examine occam data to explore the foundations of Reddit’s business.