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Macro Indicators

Over 4 years of history

Identity verified respondents

Demographics level insights across 75+ categories

Multiple data sets to enhance signal resolution

Realtime NPS scores, CPI, Consumer Confidence, Jobs etc

Personalized engagement and insights

Superior controls lead to accurate insights

Sampling Frequency

Our algorithms optimize the sampling frequency to maximize the signal to noise ratio. Additionally the modals also optimize for n to ensure that our data is free of errors and we have high degree of granularity.

Demographics Equilization

We scale our data to adjust for differences in population demographics to ensure that the observed data is reflective of demographic critical to the question under investigation

Quality Controls

Our proprietary panel of 2.5M demographically verified adults is supplemented with strict quality control checks and fraud detection measures to ensure accurate and consistent data for our models.

Change Detection

Our ML models work 24/7 to analyze and identify new trends in the data, emergence of new patterns or unique cluster to give users an early warning indicator

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Current, Trending

What’s top of mind - Inflation, Covid, Ukraine, Oil, Housing, Netflix show?

Market, Industry Research

Insights into competitive dynamics, new product, mind share and market trends

Macroeconomic Outlook

Our large respondent pool and targeted questions provide a unique window into the consumers' mind. Think CPI.

Longitudinal Trends

With 2+ years of data, we provide investors a baseline for consumer attitudes and preferences.

Brand Analysis

Insights into competitive dynamics, new product, mind share and market trends

Demographic Breakdown

Which demographic sub-group or region is responding to trends.

Insights - What you need to know

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Building on the insights from “Decoding EV Demand: Battery-Powered Bubble,” this blog examines consumer brand …
November 21, 2023
Decoding EV Demand: Battery-Powered Bubble?
Over recent years, most of the incumbent automakers significantly ramped up investments in electric vehicles …
October 27, 2023
Occam’s September 2023 CPI Forecast
CPI came in at a 3.7% increase year on year. Occam’s estimate for CPI was …
October 12, 2023
Employment Trends: Greater Heights or Wuthering Expectations?
With the headline unemployment rate reaching lows not seen in decades, and the labor force …
September 29, 2023

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