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Temu’s Meteoric Rise: Fleeting Fancy or Sustainable Surge?

Since its debut in fall 2022, Pinduoduo Holdings’s Temu has experienced a meteoric rise rare for a new entrant in the competitive e-commerce space.  Temu consistently tops the charts in Apple’s App Store and Google Play store, and it has dethroned Alibaba as the largest Chinese e-commerce company by market cap, though it has arguably achieved these feats by prioritizing rapid growth over profitability.  To understand Temu’s swift rise and its potential for sustaining its rate of growth, we consult occam to examine shifting trends in consumer spending habits, the demographics of Temu’s sizable user base, and the platform’s impact on competing retailers.  Our exploration leads to some intriguing findings about Temu’s less-than-ideal customer satisfaction compared with giants like eBay and Amazon, and what improvements Temu users seek from the platform.